By | 25 August 2019

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Crash Fever

Crash Fever v3.10.1.10 Mod Apk (Invincible/HP) Over 6 million downloads worldwide!
Get ready for the ultimate in match-and-smash games!
Crash Fever—a colorful, vibrant RPG puzzler with a feverish twist!
It’s simple and intuitive! The best match-’em-up game…ever!

1. A “”feel-good”” experience, and all you have to do is tap!
Crash Fever is a frenetic RPG with simple, tap-based controls. The game delivers thrilling gameplay with a single tap, including epic panel-shattering chain reactions, crash skills with over-the-top animations, and even a table-turning Fever mode!

2. An exhilarating, fun-loving spin on a virtual world!
Crash Fever features a pure white background, rounded design elements, and all sorts of animations to make you feel like you’re floating in another world. This unprecedented bright and pop-styled virtual world only intensifies the “”feel-good”” experience!

3. Four-player co-op feels even better!
Log in with friends to play co-op with up to four players. Four players means four times the fun as you work together to decide which panels to smash and when to enter Fever mode!”

Keep an eye on our official Facebook page for the latest news, and click the link below so you would not miss the FEVER! O(≧▽≦)O”

Crash Fever
Crash Fever
Crash Fever
Crash Fever
Crash Fever
Crash Fever

– High Damage
– God Mode

– ARM devices only; x86 (intel) devices are not supported.​

Apkdlmod Official App:

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Crash Fever v3.10.1.10 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK

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